Ground loop inserter for single U, double U and coaxial heat pipes

After successfully drilling a geothermal bore hole the installation of the ground loop can be a time consuming process. Quite often several operators maybe required to do this.

The new hydraulically driven ‘QuickLoop’ ground loop inserter from TRACTO-TECHNIK guarantees enormous time and resource savings through its continuous pushing process, delivering the pipe without damage.


  • For use with most geothermal bore rings (independent of manufacturer).
  • Remarkable cost saving per bore due to the reduced strain of men and machine, up to 60% is possible.
  • Can be used to install, to fix and reinstall ground loops.
  • No counter weight required.
  • Fixation of the sonde during the grouting process.
  • Simple placing of the spacers.
  • Driven by the PTO of the bore rig.
QuickLoop single U, double U
QuickLoop single U, double U