Active Bentonite IBECO® S

IBECO® is used as a drilling fluid additive for a cement-bentonite grouting suspension or as a support agent for horizontal driving works.


  • Stabilisation of the borehole wall
  • Weighting of drilling fluid
  • Active bentonite IBECO® B1 considerably decreases the frictional resistance in the lubrication gap being arranged around it and thus allows an easy, low-drag insertion of the tubes.
  • The skin friction is reduced to a fraction of the dry coefficient of friction by the production of a bentonite lubricating film.

The drilling fluid additive is mainly used in sandy and gravelly geologic formations. The main functions of the bentonite are the stabilization of the borehole wall, as well as the discharge of drill cuttings.

Packaging unit:
In sacks of 25 kg each, 40 sacks 1,000 kg on Euro-pallet

Storage: Dry