High viscosity technical CMC

HIPERCEL HV is a technical carboxymethly cellulose with high viscosity. The product is added primarily as a fast-acting thickening agent and filtrate reducer to all water-based fluid systems, but is also excellent for protecting clay suspensions.

HIPERCEL HV is used primarily as a thickening agent in water-based fluid systems and for reducing filtrates, particularly to increase load capacity in clay-free or saltwater clay fluids. At higher doses, HIPERCEL HV still ensures good pumpability and is an excellent lubricant due to its molecular structure. HIPERCEL HV’s anionic character makes it highly soluable in water and in salt-saturated systems, and protects clay formations from water absorption and swelling. HIPERCEL HV is impervious to metal ions such as Ca++, Mg++ and is highly resistant to bacterial decomposition.

Safety Precautions: 
There are no particular safety precautions which need to be observed when using HIPERCEL HV. Spilled CMC powder forms a slippery film on contact with water and should be cleaned up immediately without using water. Should it come into contact with the eyes or skin, it can simply be washed out with water. According to ArbStoffVo (Dangerous Substances Regulations), CMC is not a dangerous substance.

Packaging unit:
25 kg bags, 40 bags = 1,000 kg on pallett