Low viscosity technical CMC

HIPERCEL LV is a technical carboxylmethyl cellulose with low viscosity which is primarily added as a filtrate reducer to water-based drilling fluids. In addition to its water-retaining properties, HIPERCEL LV also modifies the flow value without considerably increasing the viscosity.

The water-retaining and rheological features of HIPERCEL LV allow it to be used universally in a variety of dispersed and non-dispersed fluid systems. Due to its anionic character, the product exhibits excellent solubility in water and in drilling fluids saturated with salt. HIPERCEL LV makes the lowest filtrate level and gel strength possible while simultaneously ensuring good pumpability and lubrication. As a protective colloid, HIPERCEL LV prevents water-sensitive clays from swelling and also increases the stability of the drill hole. The product is resistant to polyvalent metal ions (Ca++, Mg++) and bacterial decomposition.


Safety Precautions: 
There are no particular safety precautions which need to be observed when using HIPERCEL LV. Spilled CMC powder forms a slippery film on contact with water and should be cleaned up immediately without using water. Should it come into contact with the eyes or skin, it can simply be washed out with water. According to ArbStoffVo (Dangerous Substances Regulations), CMC is not a dangerous substance.

Packaging unit:
25 kg bags, 40 bags = 1,000 kg on pallett