WellMate™ Pressure- compensating tanks

Our WellMate™ pressure-compensating tanks made of composite materials are suitable for pressurised water reservoirs and for pressure increasing applications.

WellMate™ and the advantage of hydropneumatics: Pressure-compensating tanks play a major role in most water systems, no matter if used commercially or in the private sector. They supply safe drinkable water, while the pressure remains constant. WellMate™, a brand of Pentair Water, offers a complete range of products of pressure-compensating tanks, which surpass conventional steel systems and systems based on gravity feed in terms of both efficiency and duration of functioning.


  • Closed sanitary system
  • Constant water pressure
  • Weldless construction
  • Corrosion-proof construction of composite materials
  • Exchangeable membranes for easy maintenance on-site
  • Faster and more reasonable installation
  • A wider range of achievable pressures: increased variability