Areas of application:

  • deep geothermal energy
  • long-distance heating and generating of electricity
  • near-surface geothermal energy
  • heat pumping systems
  • thermal spas
  • drinking water supplies
  • industrial and production plant supply
  • groundwater lowering


  • doubling the volume flow without an increase in the pressure loss
  • possibility of creating a 100% redundant operation mode
  • reduction of production losses due to redundant system
  • pumping efficiency improvement
  • improved usability of optimum pump efficiency
  • overall delivery rate reducible to 25%
  • possibility of installing two pumps with different performances for individual operation e.g. in summer and winter

The Structural Design of the Pipe in Pipe Pumping System

  1. Common feed chamber for pump 1 and pump 2
  2. Mounting for pump 1
  3. Cable inlet for pump 1
  4. Pump 1
  5. Intake for pump 1
  6. Mounting for pump 2
  7. Pump 2

Lengths and Conveyance Pipes:
Lengths of up to 60 metres.
Pumping capacity of up to 200 l/s


Pipe in Pipe Pumping System
Pipe in Pipe Pumping System