Heat Pump range STU4. HP

More and more heating systems e xtract heat that is stored in aquifer and river water. For these so-called “pump and dump” or “open systems” a low-power, high efficiency and 3-phase submersible pump is requested.

In order to meet this demand, STÜWA developed a range of low-consuming STU4. pumps entirely made out of stainless steel and mounted on a special high efficiency 4” Franklin Electric encapsulated motor.

Main characteristics

  • For geothermal applications
  • 4” pump entirely produced of stainless steel AISI 304 ensuring time and an extreme resistance against water with some sand
  • Pump-motor combination allows to achieve a higher efficiency between 5 and 7% compared with standard submersible pumps
  • shaft is supported and aligned with intermediate bearings in each stage and a large NBR top bearing
  • up-trust protection
  • special 4” Franklin Electric motor with a very high efficiency