DantoPlug Standard

DantoPlug Standard is a highly swellable bentonite pellet with a standard diameter of approx. 8 mm. Due to the delayed onset of swelling (approx. 15 minutes), it is recommended for use in the sealing of wells and annular spaces in flat, piped dry drilling or wash boring.


  • High level of swelling compressive stress
  • Strong swelling properties
  • Delayed onset of swelling (approx. 15 min.)

You need 1,100 kg of DantoPlug to fill a volume of 1 m³. 1,000 kg of pellets fill a volume of 910 litres. 25 kg of pellets fill a volume of 22.75 litres.

Packaging unit:
In bags of 25 kg each, 40 bags (1,000 kg) on a one-way pallet.
In big bags of 500 kg or 1,000 kg each upon request

Storage: Dry