DantoPlug 0/30

DantoPlug 0/30 constitutes the low-cost variety of granules. This product is primarily used for filling large calibre holes and for sealing purposes in civil engineering and geotechnics, in which no claims are made with regard to sinking properties and the onset of swelling. However, the characteristic values relevant for successful sealing processes remain unaffected.


  • High level of swelling compressive stress
  • Strong swelling properties
  • Low-cost in comparison to the pellet variety

You need 1,100 kg of DantoPlug to fill a volume of 1 m³. 1,000 kg of pellets fill a volume of 910 litres. 25 kg of pellets fill a volume of 22.75 litres.

Packaging unit:
In bags of 25 kg each, 40 bags (1,000 kg) on a one-way pallet.
In big bags of 500 kg or 1,000 kg each upon request

Storage: Dry