DantoPlug Super M

DantoPlug Super M is a highly swellable bentonite pellet with a standard diameter of approx. 8 mm. Due to the additive used, this product exhibits improved properties with regard to its geophysical locability.


  • Very high level of swelling compressive stress as well as strong swelling properties
  • Very low permeability
  • Delayed onset of swelling (approx. 30 min.)
  • Significance in the magnetic-log

You need 1,100 kg of DantoPlug to fill a volume of 1 m³. 1,000 kg of pellets fill a volume of 910 litres. 25 kg of pellets fill a volume of 22.75 litres.

Packaging unit:
In bags of 25 kg each, 40 bags (1,000 kg) on a one-way pallet.
In big bags of 500 kg or 1,000 kg each upon request

Storage: Dry