High-quality bentonite sealing material with a particularly high montmorillonite content. Due to the excellent water inhibition values and extremely low permeability values, these products provide the highest possible level of security, especially in terms of the connection with the extension pipe and the rock.

Wide range of applications in civil engineering and the construction of fountains, as well as in the fields of geothermal energy and geotechnics. Different qualities and forms of delivery are available, depending on the intended purpose and customer requirements.

DantoPlug Standard

Highly swellable bentonite pellet with a standard diameter of 8 mm.

DantoPlug Super

Highly swellable bentonite pellet with a standard diameter of 8 mm for optimum sealing results. Improved properties in terms of swelling pressure, swelling capacity and permeability. Delayed start of swelling after 30 min. Also available in a 6 mm variety (Super 6).

DantoPlug Super M

An equivalent product to DantoPlug Super. Additionally, this variety of pellet achieves a significant level of detectability by magnetic-log due to the addition of magnetite.

DantoGran 0/30

Low-cost variety of granules with a grain size of 0 - 30 mm. Due to the shape of the granules, this product exhibits no specific characteristics with regard to the onset of swelling and the sinking behaviour.