Tradition and Technology since 1883.

A warm welcome to STÜWA

As a family-run business we are a leading manufacturer of high-quality well-construction technology. We are able to look back on over 140 years of Made in Germany experience and expertise in the production of well screens. We produce well screens in PVC / steel and stainless steel, as well as geothermal products and drilling accessories. Based on intensive consultation and cooperative exchange of ideas with our partners, the optimal complete solutions is always found.

"Together for more water"



Well construction technology

Wells are built today in the most varying versions for a wide variety of applications.

The choice of the right well construction materials fundamentally determines the quality and...


Renewable energies

Near-surface geothermal energy has extensive potential for heat supply down to a depth of approx. 400 metres. It offers a wide area of application for small and medium-sized plants...


Flood protection

The risk of flooding increases through intensified rainfalls and snowmelt. That is why flood protection is an important measure for protection of the population and material goods...


Environmental technology

Environmental technology comprises methods for the restoration of already damaged environmental systems. This also includes measures of soil remediation such as environmental...


Irrigation technology

Fully developed irrigation technology constitutes an artificial supply of sufficient water, such as for plants and soil. For instance, special areas of application are agricultural...


Construction industry and geotechnical engineering

The construction industry is responsible for the planning, altering and extension of buildings and structures. For example, fields of activity are structural and civil engineering...