PVC Screens/Casings

Products for well construction are, as a rule, subject to extremely stringent quality requirements while, in particular, taking into account all relevant specifications. In this respect, PVC-U is ideally suited for this purpose.


  • PVC does not corrode and therefore has an exceptionally long service life.
  • Due to its low specific weight, PVC is easy to move and to install.
  • PVC can be worked easily.
  • PVC has a smooth surface offering hydraulic advantages and preventing incrustation.
  • PVC helps preserve resources and can be recycled, which makes it environmentally-friendly.
  • PVC screens/casings are made from plasticizer free hard PVC and are characterized by their high strength.

We supply coordinated components to facilitate installation and assembly: complete range of accessories and special installation tools to avoid any complications or costly delays.

STÜWA screens and casings for well construction are manufactured in accordance with the applicable well construction standards.

At least 95% recycling of residual materials due to advanced STÜWA production methods.

  1. PVC screen
  2. Disc screen: VEE SHAPE SCREEN®
  3. Ribbed screen
  4. PVC gravel screen