Installation weights

Our installation weights facilitate the boring of geothermal probes. The weights are tailored to use with STÜWA GeoHeat® geothermal probes. However, due to the simple fastening technology they offer individual possibilities of use.

Several weights can easily be connected to each other. Thus, it is possible to use materials in a way that is adapted to the respective construction site conditions and cost-orientated.


  • Cost-effective
  • Small diameters
  • Reduced resistance to installation due to four flow channels
  • Simplest fastening
  • Linkable
  • Universally usable

Weight adapter

The weight adapter is recommended for the installation of the installation weight onto the GeoHeat® geothermal probe d 40 mm. It compensates for the difference in size between the fastening spigot of the installation weight and the connecting plugs of the probe feet. Tools are not required for the installation. It should simply be fitted on.