The GeoHeat® system covers all installation variants for geothermal probes. As well as the use of installation weights, installation by means of leverage can also be carried out without any problems due to the innovative plug connection at the probe feet and the insertion guides, which are to be installed without the use of tools.

Due to the slim design and with a shifted arrangement of the probe feet, the double U probe is outstandingly suited to boring in boreholes with the smallest diameters.

Of course, the GeoHeat® geothermal probe can also be used as a single U probe.

  1. Insertion guide for leverage installation, parallel installation
  2. GeoHeat® geothermal probe
  3. Clamping bolts installation weight
  4. Installation weight
  5. Clamping bolts, nuts for further installation weights
  6. Weight adapter for installation weight in the case of use with geothermal probe d 40 mm
  7. Insertion guide for leverage installation, shifted installation
  8. Adapter rail for the shifted installation