Renewable energies

Near-surface geothermal energy has extensive potential for heat supply down to a depth of approx. 400 metres. It offers a wide area of application for small and medium-sized plants for provision of thermal energy and ambient cooling for single-family and multi-family houses, housing areas, public buildings, hospitals and schools.

Geothermal energy

The STÜWA GeoHeat® geothermal probe enables economically efficient and safe use of this regenerative form of energy. STÜWA GeoHeat® combines the advantages of the extremely resistant material PE 100-RC with well-thought-out system details. They are certified by the “Southern German Plastics Centre” (Süddeutsche Kunststoffzentrum; SKZ) and are subject to quality monitoring of quality in accordance with the guidelines of the HR 3.26 test standard.

The GeoHeat® system covers all installation variants for geothermal probes by means of suitable installation weights, innovative plug connection, insertion aids which can be installed without tools and suitable distributor systems as well as reels.

Advantages of near-surface geothermal energy

  • Cost-effective heating energy; for instance, with an input of 1 kW you get a heat output of approx. 4 kW
  • Geothermal energy is available at any time of day and everywhere, and is a constantly renewable energy 
  • Geothermal energy systems are virtually maintenance-free
  • Low operating costs 
  • Environment-friendly and climate-friendly
  • Due to professional execution of work and the use of tested high-quality materials, no damages arise for the groundwater, soil and vegetation


Reference: Switzerland

Project: Geothermal system for heating and cooling

Scope of delivery: 3 wells for geothermal cooling and heating; depth of 30 metres; DN 1600 drilling diameter; DN 900 construction diameter; stainless steel wrapped wire filter

Reference: Bundestag in Berlin, Germany

Project: Bundestag in Berlin, Germany

Scope of delivery: 500 metre-deep well as a geothermal energy system for cooling and heating with wrapped wire filter construction

Reference: Vienna, Austria

Project: Vienna - expansion of the "VIERTEL ZWEI" office & residential area as a highly modern and sustainable living area through the utilisation of geothermal energy

Scope of delivery: 169 STÜWA GeoHeat® double U-shaped probes with an individual length of 140 metres - rolled onto a modular winch system that enormously facilitates installation; 22,000 metres of connection lines DA 40 PE 100 RC PN16 and diverse accessories