PVC Production

Using European high quality raw materials, modern mixing and extrusion lines are used to process the PVC granulate into plastic pipes in our own production located in Rietberg, Germany. Our self-designed machines are engineered to fully automatically provide the PVC pipes with various types of threads and slots.

PE manufacture

Our PE pipes are manufactured from granulate extruded in the form of coils or rods. Further processing into construction material for wells and landfill applications is carried out on our own machinery.

Steel bridge slotted screens and casing manufacture

Since 2007, production is based in our newly constructed steelworks in Rietberg, Germany. Our own punching, bending and welding machines are used for production of running lengths up to 6 meters without circumferential weld. The stainless steel pickling plant, which was erected in association with the Deutsche Umweltstiftung [German Environment Foundation] serves to ensure extremely environmentally-friendly production.

Steel wound wire production

Since 2009, the manufacture of wire wound screens is carried out on advanced production machines in Rietberg, Germany. Production is realised utilising the tried and tested Wire Wrapped Technology.

Final inspection/storage/dispatch

Owing to our own production, advanced storage centre and our own truck fleet, we are in a position to promptly and flexibly respond to even unusual special customer requirements.