Bridge slotted screens and casings

STÜWA bridge slotted screens and casings are at the cutting edge when it comes to stability and material quality. They offer many advantages:


  • Series production up to 6 m without circular seam.
  • Longitudinal seam welded inside and outside
  • High mechanical stability due to special arrangement of the slots
  • Slot widths of 0.5 mm or more feasible (depending on wall thickness)
  • Large wall thicknesses up to 12 mm feasible
  • High installation reliability and safety
  • Efficient and cost-effective installation
  • Special lengths feasible
  • Large open areas
  • Excellent regeneration capability
Screen with Rilsan coating

Approx. 2 mm minimum opening for galvanized and Rilsancoated screens since the bridge openings could otherwise become plugged due to the coating process.


Gravel pack screens

Gravel pack screens allow an installation without a gravel base. The advantages of this screen type are: slim diameter, uniform grain size, high porosity.