Electric contact gauges

Type 010/015/020/025

Measurement of the water level in wells and ground-water observation tubes

Electric contact gauges belong to the standard equipment for a manual determination of the ground-water level. The mobile devices are characterised by an easy, quick and reliable acquisition of measured values. You can choose from various types enabling you to select the suitable gauge according to your individual requirements.

As a standard feature, all electric contact gauges are equipped with an optical signalling device on contact with water. Optionally, the contact gauges can be equipped with an acoustic signalling feature and a sounding rod for the plumbing of the drilling hole depth. For many years, our measuring gauges have field-proven their ruggedness and ability to collect precise measuring values even under extremely hostile environmental conditions.


  • Optical signal on contact with water
  • No disturbing structural parts or brackets during cranking
  • Sturdy construction and low weight
  • Four different versions for individual requirements and usage
  • Variable cable lengths available from 5 to 1,000 m
  1. Type 010 triangular rack
  2. Type 015 hand reel
  3. Type 020 mini
  4. Type 025 rack