DÄMMER Type 1 - The original

Brunnen-Dämmer® Type 1

Brunnen-Dämmer®Type 1 is a hydraulically setting dry mortar specially designed for damming annular spaces during well construction (DVGW - ‘German Association for Gas and Water’ leaflet 121). The free-flowing suspension is applied with a subsequent hardening process to provide a permanent seal for water horizons. The use of a natural lime marl with an enriched clay component and highly active swellable bentonites has a very positive effect on impermeability and elasticity (modulus of elasticity).


  • Brunnen‐Dämmer Type 1 is suitable for use in water protec on zones I and II
  • For well and borehole filling and annular space sealing, the hydraulically hardening building material produces first‐class results
  • Special binding agents ensure stability against sulphate‐containing water

Packaging unit:
25 kg bags on Euro pallet, shrink wrapped; big‐bag delivery or as silo goods.

Storage in a dry place on pallets is required. When stored correctly, the material can be stored for at least 6 months.