Soil sample cans

Euro can “Vakufix“ with the 3-phase-sealing

The laboratory and all-purpose can for soil samples and much more.

This technology ensures an absolutely tight sealing. Three-fold safety with the Vakufix system. Cover and can-bead are exactly adjusted to each other, so that neither liquid nor gaseous materials can escape or penetrate.


  • Clear view of the contents by a high-transparent material. Labels can be easily inscribed with all conventional writing utensils (pencils, pens or felt-tip pens)
  • Sophisticated materials – chemically inactive behaviour
  • Stackable into and on each other
  • Absolutly airtight and waterproof
  • Quickly opened – easily and safely closed

Contents of the Vakufix Euro can: 1,000 cm³

Packaging units:  
1-litre-can with slip lids at 60 pieces each
1/2-litre-can with slip lids at 100 pieces each
also available with customer imprint

STÜWA soil sample box


  • Professional and clean method of taking soil samples
  • Convenient size with division into ten single compartments
  • Light and space-saving
  • Stackable into each other
  • Easy handling
  • Simple inscriptions possible
  • No tedious “putting into bags” any longer
  • Available with and without lid