Anitsol® is suitable for the regulation of flow and filtration characteristics of drilling fluids in well sinking and water engineering as well as with geothermal drilling.


  • Antisol® FL 30000 is a highly viscous, anionic polymer. It is characterised by its high viscosity and significant water absorptive capacity. Both qualities already show an effect when applying minor quantities.
  • The product can be combined with bentonite as may be necessary.
  • Antisol® FL 30000 is insensitive to electrolytes occurring in above mentioned areas of application.
  • It has high active contents.
  • The effective viscosity and the water absorptive capacity are immediately available.

Please note:
When applying an Antisol bentonite fluid, the bentonite is to be blended first. The Antisol powder should be added only after a swelling time of at least 2 to 6 hours.

Packaging units:
In sacks of 8 kg each, 63 sacks 504 kg on non-returnable pallet

Storage: Dry