Distributor shafts for large plants

The compact distributor shafts are mostly used for single-family houses, block of flats or small business enterprises.

Medium-sized and large geothermal systems require individual solutions, which are particularly adjustable to the respective system.

For this purpose, we offer various alternatives of distributor shafts. Our PE-distributor shafts DN 800 are especially suitable for medium-sized systems.

As shown in the two pictures above, apart from the size of the connections, their order can be modified as well so as to be able to link a higher quantity of geothermal probes.

For large plants, STÜWA offers a horizontal distributor shaft with an entry dome, as can be seen from the picture below.

The distributor and collector system is vertically arranged in this shaft. The horizontal base body, in which the system is installed, has a diameter of 1,200 mm. The entry dome has a diameter of 600 mm. The cover of the entry dome is capable of bearing a wheel weight of 600 kg. A quantity of up to 60 geothermal probes can be linked in this distributor shaft.