Vee Shape Screen®

The STÜWA VEE SHAPE SCREEN® is the perfect solution for long life wells with frequent regeneration intervals. Due to its attractive price / performance ratio, this screen offers an excellent alternative to stainless steel wound wire screens.

The well development is favoured by the conical profile of the discs. This results in a nozzle effect in the treatment using a water jet from the inside. The clear discs make it possible to visually examine the gravel distribution and other installed components at a later stage.

The VEE SHAPE SCREEN® is available with either a trapezoidal thread or ZSM connection. The solid connections are best sealed with our STÜWA Quelltec® sealing system. The tested tightness is 16 bar.


  • Conical opening profile
  • Optimal well development
  • Transparent well view
  • Variable material selection (e.g. PE, PA, ABS, PP etc.)
  • Variable connection (e.g. PVC thread, PVC-ZSM)
  2. Transparent discs
  3. Conical opening profile
  4. Transparent well view
  5. PVC connection - Quelltec system