Herli® Rapid TWB

The two-component special regenerant Herli® Rapid TWB is a combination of chemically pure acids for the chemical regeneration and cleaning of vertical and horizontal wells, pipe systems, closed and open filter systems (particularly suitable for sand, gravel and louver filters), deferrisation systems and pumps.


  • Herli® Rapid TWB with cleaning intensifiers FCM 1 or FCM 2 solves all iron clogging and sintering processes.
  • The low quantity required ensures a quick, reliable and safe operation due to its high overall dissolving capacity.
  • Herli® Rapid TWB can be used with stainless steel and OBO-filters due to its special formula. However, it must neither be mixed nor processed with products containing chlorine (danger of chlorine gas formation).
  • The included inhibitors are physiologically harmless.

The amount required of Herli® Rapid TWB amounts to 15 % for a nominal width of 200 mm and 10 % for a nominal width from 200 mm, calculated of the static-water level (regarding the filter gravel only 35 % pore volume are taken into consideration). The product is suited for the use of pistons as well as for use of die heads and high-pressure methods.

The quantity required amounts to 3 % of the total volume of the filter. The quantity calculated is pumped over as a 10 % solution.

Survey Report:

  • Inspection report about the biological degradability (Document of Compliance according to W 130)
  • Test report (material durability of stainless steel and OBO-filters)
  • Inspection report (DIN 38409-H16-2 and EPA 604, no phenol discharge of OBO-filters).

Herli® FCM 1

Herli® FCM 1 interacts with Herli® Rapid TW and Herli® Rapid TWB on iron and manganese deposits, producing reducing and complexing effects.

Herli® FCM 1 is a white, faintly acid powder, pure ascorbic acid according to Ph.Eur. (vitamin C).

Herli® FCM 2

Herli® FCM 2 interacts with Herli® Rapid TW and Herli® Rapid TWB on organic matter such as fungi, algae, bacteria, biofilm etc. in an oxidising way. While adding FCM 2, free radicals are formed, which increase the separation force and contribute to an easier mineralisation of organic coatings.

Herli® FCM 2 is a white, faintly alkaline, deoxidising odourless powder (no hydrogen peroxide).

Packaging units:
In canisters of 22 kg

Container is to be always kept upright, tightly closed and stored in a cool place.