Hydraulically setting dry mortar with high thermal conductivity for backfilling of geothermal probes and sealing of annular spaces. Thanks to special measuring probes, the magnetic doping enables automatic sealing monitoring during filling and re-measurement for determination of the filling quality by susceptibility measurement.


  • High thermal conductivity
  • High yield
  • Suitable for all standard mixing procedures
  • Material-saving processing in mixers
  • Low dust exposure during processing
  • Compliance with all requirements of VDI 4640 sheet 2
  • Verified environmental compatibility
  • Magnetic doping for verification of sealing effect

Please note:

  • Mixing with drinking water
  • Precise water-solids contents must be ensured
  • For preparation of flowable suspension, the mixer type and the respective mixing intensity as well as preparation duration must be selected in such a way that the value ranges for the suspension density, the marsh time and the separation stated in this data sheet are complied with. The marsh funnel discharge time of the suspension should typically be > 60 s

Packaging unit:
In bags of 25 kg, 40 bags 1,000 kg on euro pallet

Storage:Durable for at least 6 months at proper storage. Protect against humidity.