Flood protection

The risk of flooding increases through intensified rainfalls and snowmelt. That is why flood protection is an important measure for protection of the population and material goods against the floods arising through high water.

Efficient solutions

As a preventive measure, wells are constructed through which the excess water, e.g. from heavy rainfall, can be pumped back underground or into retention basins. Successful flood protection can be pursued through vertical filter sections or drainage wells.

In the event of acute flood disasters, the drinking water supply must be restored as quickly as possible. For this purpose, STÜWA materials are used to install emergency water wells or to renew existing destroyed wells.

Reference: Germany, Elz River estuary/Nonnenweier

Project: flood protection at the Elz River estuary/Nonnenweier

Scope of delivers/objective: Flood protection by reacting to high water phases of the Upper Rhine River. Approx. 30 metre-deep DN 2000 gripper boreholes and self-service extension, Rilsan-coated in DN 1200, were created during this project. If the Rhine reaches flooding stage, the water is conducted into retention basis, which in turn are pumped by means of 9 large wells now in existence.

Reference: Germany, Elz River estuary/Nonnenweier

Project : Flood catastrophe in the Eifel, Germany

Scope of delivers/objective : In North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany, very severe damage was caused by storms and flooding in July 2021. The flood disaster also hit the area Eifel particularly hard. In this project, several wells destroyed by the flood were restored with a STÜWA casings and screens made of PVC and with stainless steel wirewrapped screens.