GS 550-Drilling fluid additive

GS 550 is a drilling fluid additive to stabilise the borehole wall, it serves as means for the extraction of drill cores in brittle and loose rock formations.

GS 550 is a substance used for the manufacturing of drilling fluids according to the respective conditions in the mountain. Thanks to the manifold properties of GS 550, the usage of complex and frequently expensive drilling-fluids can be virtually omitted. GS 550 is a water-soluble polymer/polyacrylamide with a high molecular weight.


  • Very good core extraction
  • Excellent stability of borehole walls
  • Small scouring of borehole
  • No problems when drawing tubes
  • Friction reduced by 20–30 %
  • Reduction of drilling-fluid additive
  • Lower wear (and tear) of tubes
  • Reduction of inventory of parts stored at construction site
  • Lower water consumption
  • Major gain of time (drilling, storage and transport works)

Please note: NO drinking water approval.

Packaging unit:
In canisters of 25 kg each