STÜWA GeoThex GHX is a system prepared and tested at the factory which enables the user to install the probe in a straightforward and quick manner since thanks to the innovative design, the inner tube no longer has to be inserted in the outer tube. The probe is supplied ready for installation as pipe-in-pipe system. The separation of flow and return flow is achieved by installing and welding the specially developed probe head.

With an installation dimension of 63 mm, the coaxial probe can not only be installed in significantly smaller borehole diameters, it also stands out due to the newly developed insulating inner pipe in foam structure with a helical web all around which ensures an improved flow and temperature behaviour. The outer pipe is made of the tried and tested material PE-100 RC.

STÜWA GeoThex GHX is available in standard lengths between 5 m and 50 m. Since the pressure load is relatively low at these installation depths, the wall of the outer pipe was designed as thin as possible (SDR17). This results in a more favourable heat transfer and better installation properties.


  • System tested and prepared at the factory
  • Supplied ready for installation as pipe-in-pipe system (bundled coil)
  • Specially shaped inner pipe (helix) in foam structure for improved flow and temperature behaviour
  • Higher heat extraction at lower volume flows
  • Very small borehole diameters possible
  • Compact, weldable probe head for installation even in confined spaces
  • Less grouting material and geothermic brine required
  • Outer pipe made of PE 100-RC
  • Different weights can be combined