STÜWASOL N-ECO is an odourless liquid produced from monoethylene glycol and is primarily used in geothermal systems such as brine/water heat pumps.
Special corrosion inhibitors protect the metal and plastic materials commonly used for plant engineering, including copper and aluminium, from corrosion, layer formation and sedimentation. This maintains the efficiency of the plant. The cooling brine concentrate STÜWASOL N-ECO behaves inertly towards sealing materials.


  • is fully miscible with water. In its delivery condition it has an antifreeze protection < - 50°C without separating
  • do not dilute to under 25 vol.-% of cooling brine (corrosion resistance)
  • can be mixed with any antifreeze agent based on monoethylene glycol
  • free of nitrite, amine and phosphate
  • only contains anticorrosive agents of water pollution class 1
  • biodegradable

According to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances, STÜWASOL N-ECO is not subject to labelling (refer to safety datasheet).

Packaging unit:

  • bundle packages of 30, 1,000 litres (non-returnable packaging)
  • tank truck on request