Geothermal probes constitute proven technology for sustainable energy generation. The STÜWA GeoHeat® geothermal probe enables economically efficient and safe use of this regenerative form of energy. STÜWA GeoHeat® combines the advantages of the extremely resistant material PE 100-RC with well thought-out system details.

GeoHeat® geothermal probes are produced at the company headquarters with the most modern technology in accordance with the highest standards of quality. They are certified by the Süddeutsches Kunststoffzentrum (SKZ) and are subject to quality monitoring in accordance with the guidelines of the HR 3.26 test standard.


  • Production monitored by SKZ Würzburg (Certificate A 640)
  • Probe pipes made of PE 100 RC material
  • High stability against a slow growth of stress cracks
  • High point load resistance
  • Cold and heat-resistant (-20 °C to +30 °C, briefly +40 °C)
  • Fully automatic check-up of wall thickness during production
  • Very slim design for small borehole diameter
  • Suitable for all installation processes
  • Simple connection of the probe feet through unique plug connection
  • Robust probe foot with an optimised flow
  • Welding at the plant with test certificate
  • Simple installation of weights, weights linkable (12.5 kg / 17.5 kg)