Barium sulphate

Barium sulphate serves as a weighting agent for the control of strained artesian state of aquifers.


  • Barium sulphate is a selected product of high quality.
  • It can be universally used as a weighting agent with drilling fluids.
  • The effectiveness of barium sulphate is not influenced by the use of other drilling fluid additives.

In respect of the homogeneous distribution of the product within the drilling fluid, the pumping ability of the drilling fluid up to a capacity of 2.4 kg/l remains ensured. Barium sulphate is a chemically inert material, its chief ingredient being barium sulphate BaSO4.

Blending recommendation:
The amount required of barium sulphate is dependent on the desired weight of the drilling fluid.

Packaging unit:
In sacks of 25 kg each on a non-returnable pallet

Storage: Dry