PVC-ABDI screens/casings

The water pressure-tight PVC-construction material is specially suited for ground water measuring points.

PVC-ABDI pipes for well constructions have proved themselves in practice by corrosion resistance, easy handling, low weight and high stability. This special pipe is characterised by the following features:

Absolute leak-tightness of the threaded connection (as certified by the Materialprüfanstalt (official Material Testing Laboratory) Hanover, Test Certificate No. 837.690 dated 22 May 1987, and Test Certificate issued by Leichtweiss-Institute Braunschweig (Brunswick) dated 11 May 1990.

Safe assembly of structural part lengths by just one single connection with integrated, non-shifting O-rings.

Due to the small external diameter of the bevelled socket, a hanging-up of clay balls or gravel is excluded to a large extent.

The elongated socket encloses the external thread, centers and protects it completely.


  • Absolute leak tightness at a very low outer diameter.
  • Easy, safe assembly
  • Integrated, non-shiftable O-ring-gaskets
  • Bevelled socket (no hanging-up of clay balls or gravel)

Optional accessories

  • Screwed bottom cover
  • Weld-in bottom
  • O-ring
  • Lifiting cap
Please note:

The screw connection is to be screwed together until the outer edge of the socket and the mark at the feed pipe are level. Screwing together by means of a strap wrench is mandatory (see PVC Accessories).