• For geothermal energy systems of single-family houses up to large plants
  • For an optimal energetic-efficient connection of geothermal probes to the surrounding formation
  • Based on high thermal conductivity used for process water cooling
  • For waterproof sealing of aquifers


  • Despite the same length of geothermal probes, less power is necessary for heat-pump operation due to application of STÜWA THERM® 2000 “Z“. The annual operation index number increases from 3.5 to 3.8–4.0. This means an energy saving of 10–15 %.
  • Sulphate resistant
  • Long-termed good experience
  • Frost resistance confirmed
  • Quality cement CEM III B 32.5 kN

Recommendation for blending STÜWA THERM® 2000 ”Z“
For 1 m³ groutable suspension:

Use 650 l of water for 1,150 kg STÜWA THERM® 2000 “Z“.

Packaging unit:
In sacks of 25 kg each, 40 sacks 1,000 kg on Euro-pallet

Storage:  Dry