Active Bentonite IBECO® S

IBECO® S is an activated sodium bentonite which, due to its very good rheological properties, offers universal application possibilities, especially as a mud additive for boreholes drilled in coarse-grained loose sediments (sand, gravel), as an additive for cement-bentonite grouting suspensions or as a supporting medium for diaphragm wall construction as well as for shield and pipe jacking work.


  • Stabilisation of the borehole wall and reduction of the filtrate water loss by forming a filter cake
  • Increasing the density of drilling fluids and the hydrostatic pressure in boreholes - Formation of thixotropic suspensions with distinct gel strengths
  • Improvement of the discharge capacity for cuttings
  • Reduction of the sinking of cuttings in drilling fluids
  • Basis for the production of weighted drilling fluids
  • Creation of a sliding film and reduction of jacket friction during tunnelling work

Packaging unit:
In sacks of 25 kg each, 40 sacks 1,000 kg on one-way pallet

Storage: Dry