Current projects

United Arab Emirates

  • Project: Desert of LIWA water reservoir for the city of Abu Dhabi (Strategic Water Storage / Recovery)

  • Period: 2010-2014 (wells)

  • Scope of delivery: 158 wells VEE SHAPE SCREEN baskets with gravel / installation services / etc.


  • Project: Kyrgyzstan - Osch, improvement of the drinking water supply
  • Period: 2014 - 2016
  • Scope of delivery: bridge slotted screens with a diameter up to 1600 mm, length 6 m, stainless steel submersible pumps


  • Project: Geothermal system with thermal water in the spa Solec Zdrój
  • Period: 2020
  • Scope of delivery: 19 m STÜWA VEE SHAPE SCREEN® DN 100 L=3m & L=2m, SW 0,75mm - installation depth 150m + our STÜWA PVC pipes DN 150 K overfilter section and KV underfilter section


  • Project: Vienna - expansion of the "VIERTEL ZWEI" office & residential area as a highly modern and sustainable living area through the utilisation of geothermal energy
  • Period: 2017
  • Scope of delivery: 169 STÜWA GeoHeat® double U-shaped probes with an individual length of 140 metres - rolled onto a modular winch system that enormously facilitates installation; 22,000 metres of connection lines DA 40 PE 100 RC PN16 and diverse accessories


  • Project: Flood protection at the Elz River estuary/Nonnenweier
  • Period: 2012-2021
  • Scope of delivery: Flood protection by reacting to high water phases of the Upper Rhine River. Approx. 30 metre-deep DN 2000 gripper boreholes and self-service extension, Rilsan-coated in DN 1200, were created during this project. If the Rhine reaches flooding stage, the water is conducted into retention basis, which in turn are pumped by means of 9 large wells now in existence.



  • Project: Geothermal system – Aarau

  • Period: 2016

  • Scope of delivery: 3 wells for geothermal heating and cooling, 30 m deep, diameter DN1600, wire wrapped screen DN 900 stainless steel

Excerpt from the reference list of the last years



  • Project: Kimbiji, drinking water supply of Dar es Salaam
  • Period: 2014 - 2016
  • Scope of delivery: 6 test wells with casings and bridge slotted screens DN 250 Installation depth: 600m


  • Project: New European Parliament / geothermal power

  • Period: 2012

  • Scope of delivery: 23,000 m geothermal-well construction materials. (233 boreholes each 102 m) including accessories


  • Project: Buckingham Palast

  • Period: 2000

  • Scope of delivery: ZSM Riser pipes DN 100