Winch for geothermal probes

Hydraulic winch

Geothermal probes with lengths of more than 200 m, which are installed into a dry or only partly-filled borehole, are at risk of falling uncontrollably and unchecked into the borehole, due to their high dead weight.

Thus the probe can be damaged when it strikes the ground, or it can even disappear completely in the hole if it is deeper than the length of the probe. The hydraulically operated STÜWA winch allows a controlled installation of geothermal probes in greater depths. This special winch has proved extremely successful during operation on-site and is available on request.


  • Stable gadget
  • Easy reeling of large probes
  • User-friendly fittings
  • Controlled installation
  • Field-tested
  • Type-tested

Standard winch

Facilitates the lowering of geothermal probes/injection pipes into the borehole

Advantages (winch with rack)

  • Stable steel rack, primed
  • Hitching attachment for forklift truck and crane
  • Holding device for drill on request
  • Lateral sliding-on of probe possible
  • Type-tested

Advantages (winch without rack)

  • Space-saving, light, compact
  • Locking device