STÜWA – External Centering Device

For double U-geothermal probes with a diameter of Ø 25 mm, 32 mm and 40 mm as well as coaxial probes with a diameter of Ø 63 mm.


  • Centralised assembly of the electric welding sleeves due to the optimal arrangement of eight skids
  • Flexible construction
  • Protection of borehole wall
  • Customized bow width available
  • Simple and secure positioning
  • Field tested and accepted by approving authorities

Spacer for geothermal probes

For ensuring a good distance between the individual geothermal probe pipes, spacers are used every 5 to 10 m in order to keep the geothermal probes parallel and at the same distance. We offer the probe spacers with and without a variable external centering device.

DIHA 4 x 2525128722043
DIHA 4 x 3232115442550
DIHA 4 x 4040138503055

Y-pipe made of PE 100

Y-pipes are suited for joining feed and return lines into one conduit. Consequently only half the connections at the distributor are needed.

DescriptionHS 32/32/40HS 40/40/50
da 1 [mm]3240
da 2 [mm]4050
Weight [g]110140