Well construction technology


Wells are built today in the most varying versions for a wide variety of applications.

The choice of the right well construction materials fundamentally determines the quality and longevity of a well.


For example, here you can see the various possibilities of construction with our STÜWA well configurator!

Depending on the location of the water catchment body, a differentiation is made between

  • Vertical drilled wells
  • Horizontal wells
  • Diagonal wells

Whereby all other versions are only limited to vertical drilled wells.

  • Drinking water wells or process water extraction wells which must transport water of sufficient quality over a long period of operation
  • Injection or absorbing wells which must allow the introduced water to seep away safely
  • Groundwater drawdown wells which are usually supposed to generate short-term large drawdowns with the lowest possible amount of water. The vacuum well, which is used in hard to drain soils, is a pioneering special form in this direction
  • Irrigation wells
  • Groundwater measuring points (water level), which are supposed to enable the measurement of changes in the groundwater level
  • Quality measuring points, which are mainly supposed to enable the withdrawal of water samples for analytical procedures, require a particularly thorough selection of suitable lining material.

Reference: Tanzania - drinking water well

Project: drinking water supply for the city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Scope of delivery: 6 test wells with slot lattice filters and DN 150 stainless steel full-section pipes, 2 DN 250 drinking water wells with slot lattice filters and stainless steel full-section pipes; depth: 600 metres

Reference: Russia, Khabarovsk Waterworks

Project: Khabarovsk Waterworks, drinking water supply with subterranean water treatment

Scope of delivery: 80 wells with high performance wrapping wire and VEE SHAPE + materials handling equipment

Reference: United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

Project: Desert of LIWA water reservoir for the city of ( Strategic Water Storage / Recovery )

Scope of delivery: 158 wells VEE SHAPE SCREEN with gravel baskets / installation support / etc.

Reference: United Kingdom, London

Project: Buckingham Palace, London, United Kingdom

Scope of delivery: DN 100 riser pipes with ZSM connection