Well heads


STÜWA steel well heads in stainless steel, steel/galvanized or raw steel/black

Our steel well heads are manufactured in compliance with DIN 4926 or according to company standard. They consist of a protective pipe for welding onto locking tubes, or they are equipped with a wall ring to be put on.

Well heads are manufactured individually according to your specifications.

Our stainless steel well heads are welded using shielded gas, then pickled and passivated.


  • Sounding grommet
  • Ventilation system
  • Cable glands
  • Crane eyes


Our plastic well heads are manufactured with a pipe socket made of PVC-U (unplasticised PVC) and a flange ring plus cover of rigid-PVC or PU (polyurethane).

As standard PU-well heads are supplied with a galvanized joint sleeve, screwed cable gland, O-ring gasket and a set of stainless steel screws.

Well heads that lie outside the above-mentioned dimensions can also be manufactured on request. Each well head includes galvanised screws* and seal.

Well heads include one connection and one cable gland each. Further cable gland(s) or additional hole(s) on request.

Well covers made of Bakelite or well stoppers made of soft-PU are available for simple demands.


* Stainless steel screws available at an extra charge.

  1. Well head cover 1 x single pull-out with backing flange
  2. Well head covers 2 x single pull-outs with backing flange
  3. Well head with centrically welded-in media-passage
  4. Well head PU
  5. Well head PVC
  6. Well cover Bakelite
  7. Well stopper PU