The frost-proof grouting material for geothermal probes is suited for geothermal energy systems of single-family houses up to large plants.

The growing market for geothermal energy systems proves an increasing demand for frost-proof grouting materials. The grouting material STÜWAPRESS® F10 has been specially developed to meet these requirements. Apart from a high thermal conductivity of 1.5 W/m*K, this material is characterized by its high thermal shock resistance. The product has been developed in cooperation with the “Fachhochschule Ostwestfalen” (University of Applied Sciences East-Westphalia). For the final product STÜWAPRESS® F10, our company has been awarded the “Transfer Price OWL” due to its excellent results.


  • Thermal shock resistance according to independent certificate
  • Simple miscibility
  • The blast furnace cement used as well as the remaining ingredients are harmless in regard to the hygienic requirements of the drinking water sector.
  • Sulphate resistance – CEM III B 32.5 KN – long-termed excellent experience
  • Classified as safe according to groundwater hygiene requirements
  • “Transfer Price OWL 2004” winning

Mixture recommendation:
For 1 m³ groutable suspension:
Use 596 l of water for 1,088 kg STUWA Press® F10.

Packaging unit:
In sacks of 25 kg each, 40 sacks 1,000 kg on Euro-pallet