Sealing caps

For water level gauge and temperature measurement in wells, observation wells and containers.

The securing and locking of ground water observation pipes belongs to the standard provision of each groundwater measuring point. An easy opening even in winter must be ensured to allow control plumbing and sampling.

Sealing cap round

This cap is particularly suited for the sealing of sounding and ground water observation pipes. The overhead sealing device ensures the simple opening of the measuring point even with underground water-level gauge.

Water-proof inserts

The water-proof inserts are specially suited for the sealing of wells and observation wells with HT sealing caps against surface water. But even faintly artesian wells can be sealed in this way.
The water-proof insert consists of aluminium, it is chromated and plastic-coated.

Piezometer sealing cap

  • Corrosion-resistant, weather and frost proof sealing cap
  • With standard lock hexagonal socket head and Whitworth-fine pitch thread