Poly-anionic carboxy-methyl-cellulose / pure CMC

STÜWA-FLOW® PAC is a highly efficient poly-anionic cellulose of high purity. It significantly increases viscosity and improves the bearing capacity of the drilling fluid. Due to its excellent water-binding properties, STÜWA-FLOW® PAC decreases filtrate and supports the formation of a thin impervious filter crust. As protective colloid, STÜWA-FLOW® PAC prevents the swelling of penetrated clay layers, protects against further disintegration of the clay cuttings, and optimizes deposition during fluid processing.

STÜWA-FLOW® PAC is applied as a pseudoplastic solution in geological formations in which an intensive discharge of cuttings without generation of a colloid layer is required or requested. Clay fractions can be penetrated in a safer way and with more accuracy to the drilling. When used in combination with flushing clays, STÜWA-FLOW® PAC should not be added until the clay swelled for a sufficient amount of time due to its clay-inhibiting effect.

Safety measures:
When processing STÜWA-FLOW® PAC, no specific safety measures need to be taken. Spilled PAC powder generates a slippery layer when in contact with water and should be immediately absorbed in dry form. In case of contact with eyes or skin, simple rinsing with water is sufficient. PAC is not a dangerous working substance in accordance with the ArbStoffVo (German act on working substances).

Observe safety datasheet advice

Packaging units:
In sacks of 8 kg each, 72 sacks 576 kg on non-returnable pallet

Storage: Dry