Fundraising: Sheptytsky Hospital, Ukraine

We are saddened by the current events in Ukraine. We also wanted to help and support the Sheptytsky Hospital Lviv in Ukraine.

It is a small church hospital, pre-war with a psychiatric and palliative care focus, which is currently undergoing acute restructuring to meet current demands.  The facility is currently taking over the central coordination of medical care for a total of 35 destroyed hospitals in the country, especially also for seriously ill children.
Through a local Rietberg initiative of Dietrich Fricke, goods transports are actively organised on an ongoing basis to support the hospital.
Dr. Andrij Lohin, who lived with a family in Germany 25 years ago, is the director of the Sheptytsky Hospital in Lviv. On Youtube he reports about the fundraising campaign:

Development Sheptytsky Hospital