Barrier tape

For marking and securing of connecting pipes to geothermal probes in the ground.


Lenght Width
[m] [mm]
250 40
Barrier tape

Wall ducts (Kopie 1)

Wall ducts are suited to lead geothermal probes through into a building for the connection to distributor/collector.

Outer Ø Inner Ø from ... to
[mm] [mm]
80 42
100 32, 42, 52, 62
Wall ducts

Compression joints

The compression joint is suitable for all PE-types as well as for PVC, ABS, PP, PE-Xa and copper pipes.


  • Easy installation without dismantling the fitting
  • Easy insertion of the pipe due to a cone-shaped double-lip sealing, additionally equipped with lubricants, up to a diameter of 63 mm and a spring washer of 75–110 mm.
  • An active sealing system, consisting of double-lip sealing (up to diameter 63 mm), spring washer (from 75 mm) and pressure ring, ensures a safe connection with vacuum- and suction pipes, even with oval or scratched pipes.
Compression joints