Driller Days by GEOTEC & STÜWA 2020


The STÜWA Konrad Stükerjürgen GmbH and Geotec Bohrtechnik GmbH invite you to a new joint event format, the "Driller Days" on 13th and 14th February 2020. The kick-off event will take place in Nordkirchen in Westphalia at the established drilling rigs manufacturer Geotec Bohrtechnik GmbH. The training course with confirmation of participation according to W 120-1 and W 120-2 includes professional and practice-related lectures. The programme is rounded off by live drilling demonstrations, which show various drilling methods and are intended to convey practical requirements for drilling technology.  A joint barbecue and a party, to which all participants are cordially invited, will follow on Thursday evening under the motto "drink & drill".


Thursday, 13th February 2020 from 10.00 a.m. „drill & drink“ at Geotec with live drilling demonstrations, guided company tours and evening event - party with barbecue and music

Friday, 14th February 2020 from 10.00 a.m. „drill & drink“ at Geotec with live drilling demonstrations and guided company tours


Further information:

The closest airport is Dortmund International or Münster/Osnabrück (both 30 minutes distance from Nordkirchen).

  • Hotel Restaurant SchlossStuben Schloßstraße 26, 59394 Nordkirchen, Tel.: +49 (0) 25 96 – 9 39 93 50
  • Plettenberger Hof Lücke Schloßstraße 28, 59394 Nordkirchen, Tel.: + 49 (0) 25 96 – 92 70
  • Schlaun Cafe Mauritiusplatz 5, 59394 Nordkirchen, Tel.: + 49 (0) 25 96 – 9 71 20
  • Hotel Landgasthof Restaurant Zum Steverstrand Ermen 60, 59348 Lüdinghausen, Tel.: +49 (0) 25 91 – 31 21
  • Gasthof Zur Brücke Bahnhofstr. 20, 59394 Nordkirchen-Capelle, Tel.: +49 (0) 25 99 – 6 94

We are pleased to help you to organize your journey and accommodation. Please do not hesitate to contact us! Please register until 31th December 2019: Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden der E-Mailj.heimann(at)geotec-bohrtechnik.de

Be a part of the Driller Days 2020


"Drink&Drill" with live drilling demonstrations and barbecue

Visitors from Tanzania inform themselves about efficient and sustainable water production

From 7th - 9th May we had the pleasure to welcome visitors from Tanzania in Rietberg. The Managing Director as well as the Technical Services Manager of a waterworks in Iringa and the Managing Director in Moshi, located in the Kilimanjaro area, visited our production site in Rietberg accompanied by our mediation contact.

The main objectives of the water supply companies are a high security of supply as well as the improvement and sustainability of the services using advanced materials. In this context, they were interested in the STÜWA product range and were able to convince themselves of the modern production possibilities and the excellent quality of our products during a tour of our production facilities.

Following the company presentation of the Konrad Stükerjürgen Group, the delegates visited the waterworks of the Stadtwerke Gütersloh in Quenhorn, where they were informed about the processes in the waterworks and the drinking water supply in Gütersloh by the head of water extraction, Bernd Feldmann. Afterwards, they were given a guided tour by Josef Buschmaas.

The waterworks in Tanzania obtain some of their water directly from rivers and springs. In many places, however, there is a lack of filter system and as a consequence the water is often polluted. In addition, damage to pipes repeatedly results in high water losses.

Therefore, the delegates were particularly impressed by the modern technology of the German waterworks, whose standards are equally aimed for in Tanzania.

We thank our guests for the valuable exchange and are looking forward to a future cooperation! Further, we thank the Stadtwerke Gütersloh for the friendly reception and the informative tour.

Reception of the delegation in Rietberg

Guided tour of the Quenhorn waterworks (Source: Stadtwerke Gütersloh GmbH)

STÜWA supports selected local nonprofit projects

At the end of this year, we want to help people in need. This time we donate money on three selected local nonprofit projects:

  • "Elterninitiative krebskranker Kinder Ostwestfalen-Lippe e.V". = Supporting children with cancer and their parents
  • "Gütersloher Tafel e.V." = Supporting people with financial problems with food
  • "Die Aktion Lichtblicke e.V." = Supporting people in need in emergency conditions

Last year we donated for the charitable project “Water for life in Malawi”. This guaranteed clean drinking water for the orphans of the Primary School and Nursery of the Franciscan Sisters as a result of sustainable wells. We offered themselves up as a project partner, not only actively supporting the technical coordination of well building materials, but also supporting the project with a financial contribution in the form of a 10,000 Euro donation. We continue to support this project, since there are still several wells to be built in order to achieve the best water supply for the children.

We thank you in particular for the commitment the Franziskaner sisters in Malawi and also our colleagues who have worked with a lot of heart on this project.

What is a matter of course for us decides between life and death in Malawi. Drinking water, our number 1 foodstuff, is a luxury item in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Over there the St. Francis Catholic Primary School and Nursery with 1580 orphans is run on a voluntary basis. Long droughts and hardly any rain lead again and again to crop failure and famine, where many people lose their lives. Many children suffer from malnutrition or are orphaned and the sisters volunteer to look after them. Besides that, there is an acute shortage of electricity. This is strictly limited from day to day so that the waterworks are not in the position to pump the water far enough. Recently, the people in Madisi have been suffering particularly from the water emergency. The majority of the children have no access to drinking water to this day.

In view of the situation the sisters decided to take initiative and the plan was made to have 20 wells drilled, which would be installed in the neighboring villages. The company STÜWA Konrad Stükerjürgen GmbH offered themselves up as a project partner, not only actively supporting the technical coordination of well building materials, but also supporting the project with a financial contribution in the form of a 10,000 Euro donation.

It was important to us that money was directly transferred to the people who were dependent on our help. Furthermore we also welcome the opportunity to visit the children on-site to convince ourselves of the progress.” Ralf Stükerjürgen. (Managing Partner of STÜWA Konrad Stükerjürgen GmbH).

The sustainability of the well is expected to be guaranteed by, amongst other things, resistant PVC building materials, a solar pump which represents a certain independence from electricity, as well as training courses on-site. This should mean that simple maintenance can be carried out independently on-site.

The donation was handed over from the family Stükerjürgen for the water well projekt Malawi to the nuns, from the left to the right: Rudi Niggemeier, Bernhard Höxtermann, Schwester M. Arnoldis, Andreas Heumüller (President of the Lions Clubs Büren-Salzkotten e.V.), Edith Stükerjürgen, Schwester M. Angela, Tanja Stükerjürgen, Schwester M. Hildegarde und Ralf Stükerjürgen

Award for our company group as an outstanding training organisation and honour of of Germany‘s best apprentice

Manuel Böhle was honored with the award of best apprenticeship Germany in the department of water well drilling. He was invited to Berlin with his trainer Ralf Stükerjürgen. The award was presented to Manual Böhle by Eric Schweitzer (President German Chamber of Industry and Commerce) and Heiko Maas (Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection). We are really proud of the outstanding performance of Manuel and we would like to thank the vocation school Bau-ABC Rostrup for their support.  

25th anniversary of our subsidiary in Vöcklamarkt, Austria. Thanks a million for the wonderful day!

With bride sunshine we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Rausch & Rausch in Austria. Beside a varied training program for the visitor’s e.g. submersible pumps, water well standards and experiences in water well projects worldwide, particularly projects in Austria, we had enough time to celebrate, with good Austrian food, supported by the culinary skills of our colleagues and to exchange views and experiences. A big thank to the regional football club of Zipf for the amazing catering. We are looking forward for the next years!  



Austrian well builders were visiting the STÜWA production plants in Rietberg and Zwenkau, Germany

Based on our invitation, various water well drillers from Austria visited our two production plants in January. They were surprised by our vertical range of manufacture and our special products that we developed according to special customer requirements. They were shown the production site and extrusion lines for PVC– and PE pipes and its handling (up to a size of DN 600), modern VEE Shape production, bridge slotted screens and wire wrapped screens (up to diameter of 1600mm). Moreover the well drillers had the opportunity of visiting construction sites near to our headquarter in order to have a look on the installation. The demonstration of the various installed geothermal power systems and applications on the estate of the company and the visit of the „Climate Park“ in the town of Rietberg gave them an impression of the prospects of renewable energy. Questions were answered while enjoying some traditional German food, including an own beer pump on the table.