Suitable as universal drilling fluid for horizontal and vertical drill holes.

STÜWAMIX® has been developed as an innovative drilling fluid concentrate consisting of a mixture of sodium bentonite and a modified natural polymer. In order to avoid lump formation, STÜWAMIX® has to be blended under pressure by means of an injector.


  • As opposed to other drilling fluids, STÜWAMIX® is immediately usable for drilling after blending.
  • STÜWAMIX® is suitable for all ROTARY, SUCTIONRINSING AND HORIZONTAL BORING PROCEDURES, both in consolidated and in unconsolidated formations.
  • The inhibitors of STÜWAMIX® prevent the swelling of cohesive strata during the drilling process.
  • The turbulence is reduced due to the pure CMC (carboxymethylcellulose) in STÜWAMIX® in such a way that a perpendicular, true-to-gauge borehole can be sunk with only a small flushing rate, while the complete discharge of the drilling cuttings is still ensured.

During well drillings, the STÜWAMIX® drilling fluid is not to be dosed exceeding 20 kg/m3. Thus, a good settling effect of the drilling cuttings as well as a trouble-free removal of the filter cake are guaranteed during well development.

Blending is to be effected with neutral water (pH-index approx. 6.5–7.5). Should, contrary to expectations, only acid water be available, it is to be treated with approx. 2.5 kg/m3 sodium carbonate and pumped over for approx. 10 minutes. Afterwards, the ph-index should amount to 9–10.

After completion of the drilling, STÜWAMIX® can be simply suctioned off without additional activation. The product is insensitive to frost and hardness of water to a large extent. The viscosity of the suspensions declines under the influence of heat.

Packaging unit:
In sacks of 25 kg each, 40 sacks 1,000 kg on non-returnable pallets